Package cache contains caching functions.
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package cache
import (
// Hasher is the hash interface used for computing hashes by the Hash function.
// By default an FNV-1a hash function is used.
var Hasher func() hash.Hash
// Hash an arbitrary object.
func Hash(value interface{}) ([]byte, error) {
return HashUsing(value, Hasher())
// HashUsing hashes an arbitrary object using the provider hasher.
func HashUsing(value interface{}, hasher hash.Hash) ([]byte, error) {
var buf bytes.Buffer
enc := gob.NewEncoder(&buf)
err := enc.Encode(value)
if err != nil {
return nil, err
return hasher.Sum(buf.Bytes()), nil
func init() {
Hasher = func() hash.Hash {
return hash.Hash(fnv.New64a())