Golang PDF library for creating and processing PDF files
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* This file is subject to the terms and conditions defined in
* file 'LICENSE.md', which is part of this source code package.
// Package unipdf is a comprehensive PDF library for Go (golang). The library has advanced capabilities for generating,
// processing and modifying PDFs. UniPDF is written and supported by the owners of the
// FoxyUtils.com website, where the library is used to power many of the PDF services offered.
// Getting More Information
// Check out the Getting Started and Example sections, which showcase how to install unipdf and provide numerous
// examples of using unipdf to generate, process or modify PDF files.
// https://unidoc.io/examples/getting_started/
// The GoDoc for unipdf provides a detailed breakdown of the API and documentation for packages, types and methods.
// https://godoc.org/maze.io/x/unipdf
// Overview of Major Packages
// The API is composed of a few major packages:
// - common: Provides common shared types such as Logger and utilities to check
// license validity.
// - core: The core package defines the primitive PDF object types and handles
// the file reading I/O and parsing the primitive objects.
// - model: The model package builds on the core package, to represent the PDF as
// a structured model of the PDF primitive types. It has a reader and a writer to
// read and process a PDF file based on the structured model. This serves as a basis
// to perform a number of numerous tasks and can be used to work with a PDF in a
// medium to high level interface, although it does require an understanding of the
// PDF format and structure.
// - creator: The PDF creator makes it easy to create new PDFs or modify existing
// PDFs. It can also enable loading a template PDF, adding text/images and
// generating an output PDF. It can be used to add text, images, and generate text
// and graphical reports. It is designed with simplicity in mind, with the goal of
// making it easy to create reports without needing any knowledge about the PDF
// format or specifications.
// - extractor: Package extractor is used for quickly extracting PDF content
// through a simple interface. Currently offers functionality for extracting textual
// content.
package unipdf