Experimental bridge between RPi 4 running Klipper and a MKS type TFT.
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Klipper to MKS TFT bridge (WIP)

This is work in progress.


MKS 5v  pin 1 <--> RPi 5v    pin 4
MKS GND pin 2 <--> RPi GND   pin 6
MKS RX  pin 3 <--> RPi TXD0  pin 8
MKS TX  pin 4 <--> RPi RXD0  pin 10
MKS RST pin 5      NC, not supported (yet, at least)


Tell klippy to start with -a /tmp/klippy_uds by either modifying the start script or if you used the installer on Debian editing /etc/default/klipper.