275 Commits (master)

Author SHA1 Message Date
  Jeroen Vreeken 53de6f8514 Move exclusion check ahead in function 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken b2c796898e Add missing include 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 32cfa66c72 Exclude our own stream when not in fullduplex 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken cca7956acd change callback for connections 10 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 4b55e8eed4 Add stdout dump to codec2 client 11 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 389678bde5 Remove fixed codec2 data sizes to enable combined frames 11 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken ad17367723 Update symbol reporting 11 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken f9a7ff49e6 Make sure we keep getting events for input stream 11 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 6caa919c88 add string.h include to gdml.c 11 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 23c5f519d2 Add gstreamer to gdml 11 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken d7a75d77d8 Fix watchdog 12 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 2ed0565e1b Don't oscilate in useless route updates 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3cf9ed666c Allow ipv6 to be switched of for APRS-IS 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken cf830fe9b0 more debugging 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 225bb438ee add debugging to fprs_db 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 03ce8756b0 Make sure old event sources are removed before adding a new one 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 833d8c9895 Really make gdml optional 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 2a90af1463 Make sure we update the incomming level for reflector 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 5312ce4bb1 Add gdml.c to the archive 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 8c907cbb14 Introduce optional build of gdml 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 64baec472b Add Update packet and signal when initial route updates are done. 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 32c635f27e Deprecate dml_poll in favor of glib main loop 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 53f5d6a969 NULL checks in httpd 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 50e1c7bfa6 Update to new codec2 version 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken a71d27742f Make sure ws_client still exists before creating a new connection 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 464f1e7445 Make sure we don't cleanup a null pointer 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken ef8da86dc0 Keep connection pointer so it can be properly destroyed 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken f5aaa33ac3 Merge branch 'master' of /home/pe1rxq/public_html/dml 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 431c1938c2 Update web interface 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3ada8ee4e9 Move the right amount of data when removing send data. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 0a636f882d Exit when stream is no longer read. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3307fc533b Make sure keepalive kicks in early enough. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 49478614a7 Make sure keepalive is enabled on all sockets 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken ecd71bcdcc make sure we don't overflow the buffer on congestion. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3d879bed4e Merge branch 'master' of dmlinking.net:public_html/dml 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken c872ef4d1c Add delayed connection using poll 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken a6278af2fc Merge branch 'master' of /home/pe1rxq/public_html/dml 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 0a9d5d4765 Cleanup some mediasource code and make it work in chromium 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken dd1dc905bf Merge branch 'master' of dmlinking.net:public_html/dml 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 92cf5bcf6d Enable WASM builds 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken d7c96578c9 Allow stream names for regular stream clients as well. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken c811397b9c Fix parsing of descriptions in dml_stream_client_simple 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 7ac37a1f5c Merge branch 'master' of http://dmlinking.net/~pe1rxq/dml 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken ac41ada275 Make sure we don't try to send to big frames. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken eaf3896f99 Update to new codec2 version. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3fd559d2b2 UPdate httpd to websockets library 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 4511caaf1e Fix 100% cpu load after command pipe usage. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken c4d5d6dce6 Fix audio playing on web interface. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken d9a07121f3 Use the level and transmission values in digital voice packets. 2 years ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 52750ce36e Build fixes 2 years ago