316 Commits (master)

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  Jeroen Vreeken dbae0aa960 Reset state variable after resolve to make next attempt possible 5 days ago
  Jeroen Vreeken ffb367675e Limit time for DNS lookups 1 week ago
  Jeroen Vreeken d6a72ec619 Improve dml_list to include hop count 2 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 13035e2b22 Add duration option to stream_client_file 2 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 97442f6a2f Remove cgi mode from client 2 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 4455e7179a Fix hops update 2 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 02860b8d8c Add hops offset to our own routes 3 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 79d75eef7c Set log level based on daemon or not 3 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 982cbe5eda Update library version 3 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken f825b8d5dc Add logging functions 3 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 0b4b650582 Add exec_prefix to pc file 3 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 07352aa383 DOn't filter on mime 4 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 7d842af02e Merge branch 'master' of ssh://dmlinking.net:2200/home/pe1rxq/public_html/dml 4 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 9752cdc777 update ignore file 4 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3ee53d4528 Add dml_stream_client_file 4 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken c6e8d79dd4 Don't make DML a 'local' var (fix needed for palemoon) 4 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 56a90abde8 Add info on self-signing 4 weeks ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 21ad0b4828 Make eth_ar optional, yet another one 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 7b33eaa091 Make eth_ar optional part 3 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 20033db3f8 Make eth_ar option, next part 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 8e78b6cdd6 Make eth_ar optional 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 94710cad8b Include errno.h 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 99221e036f Remove obsolete entries from cache 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken a08ebffb98 Don't build reflector if no codec2 is available 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken c60faef838 Add dmld_chache to archive 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 6db2e0a62e Make codec2 optional 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 86f909b135 Add cache to dmld 1 month ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 02b77c6193 quit on failure 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 13ed8b1f35 proper optional lib detection 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3baf5fd5a4 Check for libwebsockets 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 85dd661a0b Some defaults for the cgi streamer 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3d28514141 fix stream mixup 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 84c710ed2d Add cgi mode to stream client 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken f9e98888f4 Prepare for DML groups and use new eth_ar interface 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 5fe209d028 Make sure we have only 1 keepalive timeout 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 23c5a848e4 Handle missing lib magic properly. 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken b8d11d5826 Add pkg-config file 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 4f88ef50b1 Fix library deps and checks 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 5aa87e038b Use new eth_ar defines for header 2 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 3b458308c9 Use new eth_ar header definition 3 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken b48d2b60cf Prevent chopping in messages 3 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 53de6f8514 Move exclusion check ahead in function 4 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken b2c796898e Add missing include 5 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 32cfa66c72 Exclude our own stream when not in fullduplex 5 months ago
  Jeroen Vreeken cca7956acd change callback for connections 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 4b55e8eed4 Add stdout dump to codec2 client 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 389678bde5 Remove fixed codec2 data sizes to enable combined frames 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken ad17367723 Update symbol reporting 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken f9a7ff49e6 Make sure we keep getting events for input stream 1 year ago
  Jeroen Vreeken 6caa919c88 add string.h include to gdml.c 1 year ago