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DML router
Will listen on port 7373 for incomming connections.
Outgoing connections can be set in the configuration file dmld.conf
Connects to a DML router and will output information on all routable
streams. (Handy for discovering IDs)
Tranceiver. Will create a stream with Codec2 encoded audio and can
connect to similar streams. Can control the PTT of a connected radio
via a serial port or receive DTMF and squelch info from a serial port.
Can connect to streams via aliases.
Basic reflector. Will connect to Codec2 encoded audio streams when
requested and reflect them to all listeners.
A simple stream server which expects an Ogg stream on stdin.
The stream can contain Vorbis (audio) and Theora (video) packets.
(Currently not more than one of each).
Reads configuration from dml_streamer_ogg.conf
Stream client. Expects an dml ID as command line argument and will
output stream data to stdout.
Stream audio with ogg:
ffmpeg -f alsa -i hw \
-codec:a vorbis -strict -2 -qscale:a 5 \
-f ogg - | ./dml_streamer_ogg
Stream video with ogg:
ffmpeg \
-f lavfi -i testsrc=size=cif:rate=25 \
-f lavfi -i sine -af arealtime \
-c:v libtheora \
-c:a libvorbis \
-q:v 9 -g:v 25 -q:a 5 \
-f ogg - | ./dml_streamer_ogg
Receive ogg stream and play:
dml_stream_client <stream_id> | mplayer -