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# Install GPG tools

To install the GPG tools:
include gpg

This should be run before using the GPG type.

# Type and Provider for GPG

A `gpgkey` type is provided for managing and creating gpg keys on the fly. These will regenerate the GPG key on the node, so the GPG key will be unique each time it is created. This provider is most suitable for nodes that do not require their public GPG key to be widely published.

This has been copied from the implementation at:

## Example:

ensure => present,
email => ''

## Parameters

These are the parameters of the `gpgkey` type:

* **keytype** The key type (RSA or DSA), defaults to RSA.
* **keylength** The bit length of the generated key, defaults to 4096.
* **subkeytype** The subkey type (RSA, Elgamal, or sign-only), defaults to RSA.
* **subkeylength** The bit length of the generated subkey, defaults to 4096.
* **email** The email address embedded into the key, defaults to puppet@localhost
* **expire** The expiry string; 0 does not expire, <n> expires in n days, <n>w expires in n weeks, <n>m expires in n months, and <n>y expires in n years. Defaults to 0 and does not expire.
* **password** Sets the key passphrase, defauls to '' (empty string).
* **armour** Sets ASCII Armoured output, defaults to true.

**NOTE:** though the key type and subkey type can be changed, it is recommended that the defaults are used.

# Licensing

Update your license details here.