49 Commit (master)

Autore SHA1 Messaggio Data
  Aaron Hicks fa3d1daab8 declaring title in test incorrectly 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 5b516af848 ah! it's not a class! 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks deda6201ca hmm, test can't find class... 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks aee0553b26 spec test tree mirrors manifest tree... 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 6e6c5669e2 changing how and where files are declared, updating tests 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 76265f2931 this should be it... 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks aba0714227 Small e! 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 1ce6a4d0b8 == not = for testing equality 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 37be4f618c wrong class specified in spec file 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks a652c40924 Fix keymaster file declaration, and try and echo to a file on the puppetmaster 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks a18453466b Removed maxdays and mindate fields, not suitable for GPG keys. May now even generate the key generation file. 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 434043dc46 hurr... more building... about to get to the good stuff though. 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 90bc20ef38 Beginning to set up a GPG keymaster based on https://github.com/boklm/puppet-sshkeys [ci-skip] 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 2cd9c49b7a Update the readme. 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks d9596c67e6 Add a GPG key type and provider from https://github.com/crayfishx/puppet-gpg 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks b9cd8dfe64 Hmm, fix some typos and update tests. 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 065e9d95b6 Update to install gpgme, and to not pass packages as parameters if it's not going to override them. 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 02158eeae7 update README to include Travis build state [ci-skip] 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks ed2f3a0873 Puppet 2.6.0 does not like empty metadata.json files. 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 2a5abdd65c Failure permitted for Puppet 2.6.0 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks e49f5e7020 Checking to see if the package is visible to the gpg_spec tests 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks eab5aa06ca needs quotes around string 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 48e3814029 pass parameters for spec test 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks e4280ec6f9 missing semicolon 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 98c64423d0 remove "" around class name 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 145717172c and if only I could spell or type 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 0dad8665d1 Ah, .fixtures.yml required! 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 4bf9f8a93d updating tests... 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 3ee55984d7 Use a simpler spec_helper 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks d2b9c9e501 Move gpg_spec into classes subdirectory 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks d1cff39b7c Rename to .travis.yml 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks a7af57e4fa Replace source with secure connection to 'https://rubygems.org' 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 5fd0cd2b18 Gemfile and Rakefile also required for Travis 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks b173a70a26 Added travis configuration 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks bea46d1f7a Install the package, and test that it happened. 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 5e063a3eed Initial Commit after unblanking and cleaning 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks aa0ac1a575 update the instructions in README1st.markdown 6 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 9846cc5271 More thorough removal of FooBar from the GPL wording. 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 0b63dbefe3 added a .gitignore 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 3b5f31ac71 Changed from the Creative Commons (which is not suitable for software) to the GPL 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks b4c1bd471a Completed README1st.markdown 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 96cdb07ebe First go with a cleanup script, be careful with it, git reset --hard HEAD should save you 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 2d95c725f4 final tidy up of markdown 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks aa230b8323 update README to use markdown, and create a new blank README.markdown 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 34c53b4d85 Rework powershell script to update all the files from templates with .orig suffix. 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks 8b3300346d Update README, created Windows Powershell script to create a Modulefile with a new author name 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks (NeSI Puppet) 402fb3f4ed Merge branch 'master' of github.com:Aethylred/aethylred-blank 7 anni fa
  Aaron Hicks (NeSI Puppet) 8c834434b9 Initial commit including all the files created with 'puppet module generate aethylred-blank' 7 anni fa
  hicksa@landcareresearch.co.nz 883c59845b Initial commit including all the files created with 'puppet module generate aethylred-blank' 7 anni fa